Three Programs - One Vision: The Academy's mission is to provide people with tools and behaviors that will have them be successful entrepreneurs, employees and citizens in the global 21st century economy. Empowering people to have access to life-long economic self-sufficiency, financial freedom and independence is at the heart of our programs: The Non-Profit Alliance for Home Ownership, The Entrepreneurial Course for High School Students, and Kickstart Your Financial Success.

non-profit alliance

The Non-Profit Alliance for Home Ownership is a partnership of professionals from non-profit and for-profit businesses who invest their time and expertise to make home ownership a reality for people who dream of owning a home and are willing to do the work necessary to make it happen.

The program educates prospective homebuyers about the process of qualifying for affordable financing and supports and guides them through the work they need to do to achieve a financial position that leads to success in obtaining and keeping a home.

Non-Profit Alliance professional partners represent all aspects of the housing transaction, and volunteer their time and expertise to work with clients throughout the process - often for a year or more. Only when the client wins by getting the keys to their home, do the Non-Profit Alliance partners win.

entrepreneurial course

The Entrepreneurial Course for High School Students is an interactive, experience-based after-school program, during which teams of high school juniors and seniors conceive of and launch real businesses in only nine-weeks.

Not a typical “how to start a business” course, it focuses on key practices to master to be a successful entrepreneur or employee – Integrity, Respect, Enrollment, Collaboration, and Leadership are foremost among them.

The challenging discussions and experiential assignments are directed at the the personal behaviors linked to successful business ownership, particularly during the new business start-up cycle.

The program has a positive and dramatic impact in participants’ financial, academic and family life. Students get excited about their future potential and learn to be responsible for the future they see they can create for themselves.

kickstart your financial success

Kickstart Your Financial Success is a 10-session, experiential learning program for adults, designed to have you master the practices necessary to generate ongoing wealth and prosperity. Through explorations, exercises and work assignments, Kickstart has you uncover and alter experiences, beliefs and truths you have about yourself and others that stop you, specifically in the realm of wealth and prosperity.

While knowledge education is needed and useful, we know that it is insufficient for personal and business success. Through experiential learning, participants develop character traits of successful people and apply them to their businesses, personal finances and careers.

Experiential learning provides an unshakeable way of learning. Once people experience that they can go beyond where they thought was possible, they develop self-confidence and self-motivating skills. We start with creating a vision that gets people excited about their future, and they discover for themselves how to develop the potential that lies within them.