Experienced educators are encouraged by the power of our programs:

"Students are challenged at high levels during each seminar... Students soon realize that this is real life and they are at the center of responsibility for their own academic achievement and success in life... they can visualize alternatives to low-wage jobs... students are excited by and responsible for the future they see they can create for themselves. Students at risk of dropping out significantly improved their performance and graduated." David Brysgel, EdD
Assistant Principal-Manchester High School

The Difference Experiential Education Provides

Experiential education addresses all learning styles, all types of backgrounds from which students come, and is universal in all subject areas without exceptions. Experience provides an unshakeable way of learning. Once you experience it, learning becomes a lifelong asset. Our programs teach students skills and behaviors on how to continue to learn for the rest of their lives! Educators often report improved behavior and attention in class, improved graduating rates and a better class environment.

Programs for Youth

Our programs for youth emphasize personal responsibility, leadership and integrity. Lifetime educators acknowledge and business professionals with extensive business experience acknowledge that these qualities are the foundation for success in the workforce, in community and in interpersonal relationships.

Students start their learning as they complete the application for the program. It is a comprehensive packet and it is the first of many exercises to teach the students responsibility and commitment.

During the programs, students are challenged at high levels to present their views on each topic and participate. Students get excited about their future potential and learn to be responsible for the future they see they can create for themselves. Students work as a member of a team to identify a product that they will successfully market at the Business Fair nine weeks later. Students of all ability levels rise to meet the challenge and form their own company learning there is a direct relationship between input and results.

The programs have a positive and dramatic impact in studentsí academic and family life. Students at risk of dropping out typically significantly improved their performance and graduated.

You can make the difference

As an educator, you can get involved in bringing this program to your school or volunteering in other activities. Contact us for more information on how you can make a difference in your school and community.




  • Documentary "The Power Within" - Part 1 (9 minutes)
  • The Power Within - Part 2 (7 minutes)
  • Be the Best That You Can Be in Life