The Academy of Mastery After-school programs develop leadership and business skills

"My son Joseph was a student in The Entrepreneurial Course for High School Students… He worked hard and passed the program, but most importantly, I noticed a tremendous positive change in Joey’s attitude toward school and life in general. Up until he was exposed to this Entrepreneurial Course, Joey was a quiet person who kept to himself. It was difficult to motivate him to do things. After the first meeting that he attended for the Entrepreneurial Course, I noticed enthusiasm and an increased energy level in his attitude. He started communicating more with me and my wife. He started to get excited and motivated to attend college and strive to be successful in everything he did. I know that something changed him, something motivated him during his time in this Entrepreneurial Course and nothing will get in his way of meeting his goals of being successful." David M. Daley, parent, Manchester, CT

Imagine knowing that your child:

  • can be accountable for his/her own life and financial future;
  • sees his/her natural creative and innovative way of thinking and discovers how to put it to good use now;
  • has more confidence to do new things;
  • realizes the power and magic of entrepreneurship and free enterprise;
  • is excited about the future and busily planning for it, without much prompting.

Skills and behaviors that will serve your child well for a life time

Through the Academy of Mastery your child will learn to get motivated and become a confident problem solver. This motivation allows your child to create a vision for life that grows and expands with him or her. Your child learns to work well with others and develops maturity and responsibility and tolerance far beyond their years. Experiential learning helps him or her internalize skills and behaviors that will serve him or her well for a life time and will help your child be successful entrepreneur, or employee with 21st century skills.

Achieving the potential within

"This seminar has helped me in many ways. It has showed me that I can achieve goals that are even higher than my expectations. It has also shown me that what other people think is impossible is possible and that no matter what people say to discourage you, you need to keep on going and always know you can and there are no limits to what you can do." M.H. a participant from New Britain High School, New Britain

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  • Documentary "The Power Within" - Part 1 (9 minutes)
  • The Power Within - Part 2 (7 minutes)