Hear What Participants In Our Programs Have To Say

The Academy of Mastery works with young adults and adults, self-employed, employees, employers and entrepreneurs from all walks of life and empowers them to pursue financial independence, effective team work and accomplish a vision for their lives and businesses. Here is what these participants shared about their experience:

Financial Freedom

"I saw that in the past year and a half I have decreased my debt and improved my net worth by over 50%! My debt has seemed insurmountable for the past 9 years, so this is an amazing result for me."

"I learned the basics of budgeting and determining my net worth. Once I saw my financial scorecard, it was easy to see my problem was cash flow. I was able to make adjustments that eliminated credit card debt and improved my cash flow to the point where not only was I not dipping into savings every month, but I was able to begin participating in the companyís 401K program."

"I paid off four credit cards and started to put money in the bank."

"Doubled my income."

"All in all, during my participation in program and by practicing what I learned in my job, I went from a project manager position to having 35 full-time employees and four consultants reporting to me, and increased my income by 60%."

"I take more actions, donít get stuck. I am more in demand, doing speaking engagements."

"I have eliminated much of my debt and continue to do so."

Leadership Development

"This seminar has made a huge difference for me. It showed me how to be a leader. And that I have the power to make a difference in my life. " S.S., Hartford Public High School

"This seminar has helped me in many ways. It has showed me that I can achieve goals that are even higher than my expectations. It has also shown me that what other people think is impossible is possible and that no matter what people say to discourage you, you need to keep on going and always know you can and there are no limits to what you can do." M.H., New Britain High School

"This seminar has changed my life dramatically. It has showed me how to be a business leader." A.Y., New Britain High School

"Itís teaching me how to have much patience. Also that it takes freedom, power and leadership to not only run a business but to have a good life too. It has taught me to be a 10 no matter what the circumstance. Life has gotten me down many of times. Lately I have used being a 10 to keep me up instead of depressed. This program is really good and I appreciate having been given an opportunity to participate. It has and forever will change my life. Thank you!" T.L., Prince Tech

Vision for Life

"This program has inspired me to further my dream of becoming a food service entrepreneur (restaurant owner). This program pushes me forward to that extra [thing to] keep me going." L.T., Prince Tech

"For the last couple of weeks, I learned how to behave and think like a successful businesswoman. Ö learned that everyone is a leader, so that makes me a follower also. I sometimes depend on my teammates and I learned to have faith that they wonít let me down." S.O., New Britain High School

"Most people would put limitations on what we do because weíre young adults and still in high school. With this seminar we have no limits and are free to take every chance we have. We arenít experiencing an idea of what itís like, weíre experiencing the real thing." M.H., New Britain High School


"Itís helped me learn how to find answers to questions I never heard of, helped me learn how to speak under pressure and in front of a large number of people. Also it has made a big difference in my own personal life, Ö But throughout the whole seminar I have gained a lot of self confidence." A.V., New Britain High School

"I was able to become a stronger person because I know how to face the real world. Since the real world does not care how you feel and how your life is going, it just cares that youíre getting the job done, as I was taught by attending the seminar. I do not feel intimidated by anyone who puts me on the spot. I feel ready for anything that is thrown at me." L.B., Bulkeley High School

"The difference participating has done for me is that it gives me the courage to stand up and state my opinion. I am usually shy and passive and this seminar encourages participation so I am not afraid to stand up and speak. " E.R., New Britain High School

"My participation in this seminar has taught me how to talk confidently in front of people without getting nervous. The business fair helped me to build my confidence and how to enroll people into your product. The business fair allowed me to test all the techniques I have learned throughout the seminar to see if they really work." K.C., New Britain High School

"I now always attempt to operate on the side of faith, trust and risk. By operating in this manner and not letting the stops keep me down, my self esteem has improved." E.C., Bulkeley High School

"Iíve also learned how to enroll other people into what Iím doing; you have to be excited about your ideas so that others can be the same. The one last thing that I will tell you that has made the biggest difference in my participation is learning how to operate in faith, trust and risk. If you donít have faith you will not get a lot done because you will not believe in yourself. And if you donítí trust you will not trust yourself or anyone else to get the job done. Finally if you donít take risks you will not overcome your fear of failure, because you have to know that youíre going to fail in life at some point." S.T., Prince Tech

Workforce and Entrepreneurial Skills

"Öit has taught me how to enroll people in future businesses. I have learned to work in a tight schedule. I have learned how to get my creativity out on call and do it quickly. Most of all Iíve learned how to be and maintain myself as a 10 no matter what." S.M., Prince Tech

"Being part of this seminar has made a difference for me in working with groups and meeting deadlines. I have faced challenges in dealing with otherís schedules and working without sufficient funds. We have faced many difficulties but have overcome them by operating under faith trust and risk. Looking at this project in my intention has had a positive effect and I am working with full potential in all of my activities now." J.C., New Britain High School

"This program has changed the way I view life. It has taught me not only to work in freedom, power and leadership, but to live by those rulesÖ. I now feel that I am adequately prepared to go out to college, and even into the work force, after having participated in this program. As a group, I think that this program truly reinforced the value of working as a team, and how to compromise regardless of the situation. I will forever be a 10." J.R., Bulkeley High School

"I have learned first hand how hard it is to run a business in this seminar." M.O., New Britain High School

"I think all of this is going to help me in the future when I get a job or even when Iím in school." C.M., Hartford Public High School

"Participating in this program is helping me keep my integrity. I have gone to every meeting and have not yet quit. This program made me more mature because of this. It also gives me a head start in the business field. This program has also given me access to networking. I have met new people and I am grateful for that." E.R., New Britain High School

"I have gotten a lot out of this seminar. I have gotten confidence, self esteem and I have freedom, power and leadership. I also met a lot of good people. Like Mr. Giannamore. This program is very worth while because out of all the times I wanted to quit it all came through on the day of the fair. I was calm, cool and collected. It wasnít a problem to talk to customers or sell shirts. Also it was very easy to express myself in front of a large group of people." A.V., New Britain High School

"A difference that the program has made for me is that I view businesses differently. I see the risk they take just to have their dreams come true." M.R., Prince Tech

"I learned that I always canít quit anything if I just donít like it." S.V., New Britain High School

"My life right now is a lot better because of the things that Iíve learned from this seminar. I think more before I react." S.C., Prince Tech

"This seminar has really made me look at life with a much clearer view. " S.W., New Britain High School

"I learned that integrity will help to bring success, not only in business but in everyday life as well. I also learned that you must be a ten at all times no matter the circumstances because people expect you to operate at a high level and donít have time for your reasons or excuses." R.H., Hartford Public High School

"Attending and participating in these seminars has helped me in many aspects of my life. Not only do I utilize what I learn in the seminars for our company but also toward my schoolwork and housework. I use the concept of being a ten all the time. I find it so effective to tackle on problems with a vision of a positive result." E.C., Bulkeley High School

"I have learned that integrity is essential in life. I have also learned that I should trust and have faith in those around me. I feel that these two things have helped me in my personal life. I will continue to get better in using what I learned." R.H., Hartford Public High School

Teamwork and Collaboration

"To make a business work you need to have teamwork." R.O., Prince Tech

"I am proud of our business and proud of my teammates. I think we all have developed as individuals and leaders, for that alone I thank you!" L.B., Bulkeley High School

"This program improved my attitude towards people and life and for that I say thanks!" T.L., Prince Tech

"It has helped me to learn how to work in a group. It has helped me get my creative side out again after a long pause. Ö I am grateful I got to attend." S.M., Prince Tech

I also learned that having a big team helps a lot. Everybody has their own job and everything gets done." N.G., Prince Tech

"Participating in this seminar has made a great difference for me. It has taught me how to work well with others and how to accomplish various things. The constant attitude that this seminar has maintained has made the atmosphere an extremely confident one. I would have to say that the one thing that I have really learned is to keep my attitude positive regardless of my surroundings. I have learned how to be a 10." J.R., Bulkeley High School