Making a real and long lasting difference for others

As a volunteer at the Academy of Mastery , you have the opportunity to change the future of your communities. You will work side-by-side with us, have fun and make a lifelong difference for others. It is a unique and exciting opportunity!

Volunteers are moved and impressed by the power of our programs.

"I didn't expect what I saw there. When I went there and saw all the students setting up their booths and saw all the kids rushing in and setting up their tables, I was blown away, totally." Program Support Team Member

"I would highly recommend it to any school system, It builds on what we call assets that the student has that they don't often have an opportunity to cultivate in a different way than in the classroom every time a child develops those assets, like being able to work together as a team, demonstrating competency, showing respect for others, learning about themselves and being successful, that develops a stronger individual I just feel it is an honor and a privilege to be able to be part of a program that makes that available to our students." Program Support Team Member

Personal Satisfaction

You will make a difference for yourself while contributing to others. Those who work with us experience personal freedom, power, and the developing of leadership in their own lives.

If you are looking to make a difference for the future of our communities, our experiential educational programs of youth and adults, is the chance you are looking for!

Contribute with your skills and talents

Your contribution will help deliver programs to youth and adults, fund raising and other activities in our offices. Our programs develop life-long skills in creating a vision and purpose in life! Extraordinary results for all involved happen!

Special fund raising events and activities: Please contact us to organize one and/or participate as a volunteer.