Have you looked at your personal finances lately?
How are you doing?

As an adult often times, we hit tough spots in life. No one is immune to rough times whether it is because of difficult economic times, high interest rates, and family, job or business demands. At the Academy of Mastery, we know that people can be taught, practice and master the skills and behaviors that will have them succeed independent of their starting point with their finances or any market conditions. For some people it is about having freedom around their finances—freedom to save, empowerment to make more income or endurance to get out of debt. For others is about creating a bigger game or vision for life and expanding horizons.

Whether you are satisfied with your current financial situation or you are looking at a radical shift, the Academy of Mastery focuses on empowering you to have access to life-long economic self-sufficiency, financial freedom and independence.

Get the guidance and support you need to get on solid financial ground and to stay on track toward your financial, career and lifestyle goals. Imagine:

      Taking charge of your finances

      Being able to plan ahead

      Being able to make more money

      Being able to save more

      Being able to get your expenses under control

      Getting rid of your credit card debt

      Paying off your student loans

      Money to pay your bills and have fun

      The job or business you REALLY want

      Taking your business or career to the next level

      The life-style you love and can afford

It all starts with simple practices… Kick Start Your Financial Success is the starting step. The program is loaded with tools and practices designed with your financial freedom in mind.

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Who Should Take the Course?

"If you're not happy with the financial area of your life and want to do something about it and move through it, this course will definitely help you do it."

"…anyone who is afraid to lose their job, who yearns to be an entrepreneur."

"I recommend it only if you're serious about having wealth and prosperity in your life, otherwise it's not the course for you and you won't do the work."

"If you want a lifestyle supported by healthy finances, and hopes and dreams about how you want your life to turn out, this program gives you a structure to accomplish that…"

"If you are willing to make the commitment, you will get the reward. It's about the quality of commitment one is willing to put behind it."

"It's good for anyone, it addresses every part of life, every decision you make."

"It's a great program for financial success but the biggest thing is freedom and power…it's not all about having wealth, but having freedom."

Results Produced

"Doubled my income."

"I saw that in the past year and a half I have decreased my debt and improved my net worth by over 50%! My debt has seemed insurmountable for the past 9 years, so this is an amazing result for me."

"I paid off four credit cards and started to put money in the bank."

"I went from a project manager position to having 35 full-time employees and four consultants reporting to me, and increased my income by 60%."

"I have eliminated much of my debt and continue to do so."

"I learned the basics of budgeting and determining my net worth. Once I saw my financial scorecard, it was easy to see my problem was cash flow. I was able to make adjustments that eliminated credit card debt and improved my cash flow to the point where not only was I not dipping into savings every month, but I was able to begin participating in the company's 401K program."

Other Benefits

"…it gave me freedom to risk taking actions I would never have dared to take in the past, and this, in turn, had me produce extraordinary results (the first of which was to raise $30,000 in seed money for my new business without having yet generated a business plan!)."

"… the course is very action oriented. I could see where I was stopped."

"It allowed me to have confidence. It makes you realize you can do what you want to do."

"I took opportunities I might not have taken before."

Why People Take the Program

"I wanted to have mastery around money, freedom and power around money, to exert influence on the way the world works, like Bill Gates and his foundations."

"It dealt with the practicality of money, not the concept. It was hands on – hands on nitty gritty stuff of financial freedom. That's what attracted me."

"I was hoping to expand my knowledge and bring my business and personal finances to the next level."

"I was impressed by the energy in the room, the clarity of intention, materials, organization – everything lined up to say 'we're committed to your success if you are'."

"I used to do pieces that were knowledge based, like IRA's, mutual funds, insurance, etc. I found knowledge doesn't make a difference."

Your First Step:

Kick Start Your Financial Success
Get Ready Workshop
Now available online for a nominal fee of $59.95!

This workshop is done on line at the comfort or your office or home. All you need is to reserve an 90 min of your time for each session and a broadband connection.

This program will alter what you think, how you act and speak about money, success, freedom and power in your life. The Kick Start Your Financial Success Get Ready Workshop puts you in the driver's seat like never before.

In this power-packed 90-minute workshop, you see how you operate, and where you have new openings for action. You begin to identify the results you want to produce, the actions you can take, and what you need to do so nothing would get in the way of you fulfilling on your goals. This engaging, multimedia workshop can be done in the comfort of your home or office. It could not be more convenient!

What you need: High-speed internet connection (like DSL or cable modem) and a PC computer.

This program has made an amazing difference for thousands of people over the years. But you have a RISK free advantage. If you are not satisfied with the workshop, you will get your money back, no questions asked.

Kick Start Your Financial Success
Get Ready Workshop
For information on how to register, call 203-641-1369.