About Us

The Academy of Mastery is a non-profit organization formed in 2009 by an experienced and committed group of volunteers. Empowering people to have access to life-long economic self-sufficiency, financial freedom and independence is at the heart of our planned programs.

When individuals take responsibility for their financial success, extraordinary things happen. Communities prosper, graduation rates go up and crime rates go down. At the Academy of Mastery, we know that people can be taught, practice and master the skills and behaviors that will have them be successful entrepreneurs, employees and citizens in the global 21st century economy. We focus on empowering people to have access to life-long economic self-sufficiency, financial freedom and independence. Our programs build character and financial independence.


Our mission is to provide people with tools and behaviors that will have them be successful entrepreneurs, employees and citizens in the global 21st century economy.


Our vision is to empower people to have access to life-long economic self-sufficiency, financial freedom and independence.

Board of Directors and Officers

Ron Lester
Board Chair
Academy of Mastery, Inc.

Ron Lester is a graduate of New York University's Tisch School of The Arts Undergraduate Drama Program. He received his BFA in 1992. He is also the creator of Disco Party Fundraiser which he founded in 2003. It was created to support not-for-profits that are often under the radar when it comes to major funding but are doing significantly effective work that benefits the people they serve and empower. Mr. Lester's experience with fundraising teams, managing event teams, and managing the fundraising teams are an asset to the Academy of Mastery, Inc.

Mr. Lester knows first hand the enormous benefit of taking on the challenge of being an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are the ones that can jumpstart a local economy and can grow to be a major player in the global economy.

Byron E. Waterman, E.D.
Board Director and Secretary
Academy of Mastery Inc.

Dr. Waterman is a Doctor in Education and has retired from the public school system after 40 years of experience in teaching and administration of secondary and higher education. He is engaged in supporting local communities and has been a member of Kiwanis in four different cities for over 45 years.

Dr. Waterman idealized the creation of an organization that can help complement the typical education curriculum and support students succeed. He has supported the Entrepreneurial course since 2004, when he created the first draft of the curriculum and initiated a pilot with a local High School. He is a Director of the Board and has experience in production and logistics areas of program/course, involved in various aspects of fund-raising as a volunteer.

His educational experience includes:
Secondary School: Northfield Mount Hermon; Gill, MA [private preparatory]
College: Moravian College; Bethlehem, PA English/Music B.A.
Seminary: Andover Newton Theological School; Newton Centre, MA M.Div.
Graduate School: Indiana University; Bloomington, IN M.S. in Ed. / Ed.D.

Penelope Christy
Board Director and Treasurer

Ms. Christy enjoyed a 43-year career in engineering at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft (Jet Engine Manufacturer) before retiring in 2007. The thrilling state-of-the-art technology of jet engine design, testing and manufacturing and optical and electronic tools made for a very fascinating experience. She traveled for the company working in all four corners of the US.

Ms. Christy has co-founded a non-profit in 2005 and has extensive experience in operations and fund raising. She has produced The Entrepreneurial Course for High School Students where students experience and learn the life-long practical tools to create and grow their futures. She supports the program in the outreach, logistics and production activities and fund raising so people nationwide will have the opportunity to succeed not only in the Academy programs, but also in life.

She has an FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate and owns her own hot air balloon. She flies passengers all over the Northeast including Canada and donates flights to various non-profits. She has participated in the Connecticut Lighter Than Air Society (CLAS) activities since relocating to CT in mid-2000 and has held all the offices in that organization. Penelope has produced the annual CLAS Safety Seminar for the last 12 years. She is a distributor for Cameron Balloons US of Ann Arbor, MI, a member of the BFA (Balloon Federation of America) and AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association).

Barbara Bordow Osach

Barbara Osach has over 30 years experience consulting in business and information technology. Barbara worked with Fortune 500 companies and small and medium business in media, financial services, professional services, government, and arts. Her experience includes project management, product development, and marketing, She has led large-scale integrated business systems projects for broadcast and other industries. Barbara earned her MBA from New York University. She is co-author of "The High-Income Mortgage Originator" (Wiley & Sons, 2007) and "Navigating the Mortgage Minefield" (AMACOM, 2009).

Pamela Bogart-Macfarlane

Ms. Bogart-Macfarlane has an AS degree from Middlesex Community College and has been a committed volunteer supporting programs to communities in need since 2005.

Her experience as Production Manager, for the last four years, which includes streamlining the production process and enrolling and directing the production team will help the project. She has also been the Videographer for several educational programs for the past three years which will also put in place and enhance the video process we will be using for the programs at the Academy of Mastery. She has also been involved in fund raising on a regular basis which brings in money to produce the course.