A Team of Professionals Making a Difference

"Win-Win" is easy to say, but harder to do. The Non-Profit Alliance for Home Ownership's unique partnership structure creates a Win-Win for clients, for Alliance partners and for Academy of Mastery. No one profits or is compensated unless the client is successful. We all do well by doing good. And when the client wins, we all win.

Investing in Your Future by Investing in Others

When you become an approved Non-Profit Alliance for Home Ownership partner, you join a team of top professionals who are committed to success through outstanding service to their clients.

We can help you grow your business and your client base in two ways. First, we refer our clients to you. You'll work with us and other professionals assigned to the client throughout the process to get the client into a home with an affordable mortgage. And when the client gets the keys to their home, you earn your fees and/or commissions. There are no up-front referral fees - we only ask that you support the Non-Profit Alliance for Home Ownership program with your time, your expertise and with a voluntary donation to the program.

The second way to grow your business is to send your unqualified client leads to us for assistance. We will transform your "no's" into qualified homebuyers, and when the client is purchase-ready, refer them back to you to complete the home buying transaction.

We work with clients, on average, for a year to get them the keys to their home. During this time we build a relationship that has a foundation of integrity, commitment and trust. These clients appreciate the support the team provides, and are loyal to the program and to it's partners. They refer their family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to us, and continue to use us as a trusted resource even after they are in their homes. As a Non-Profit Alliance for Home Ownership partner, you enjoy the benefits of that long-lasting relationship, as well.

How to Become an NPAHO Partner

Interested in becoming a Non-Profit Alliance for Home Ownership partner? Call 800-429-5104 to schedule an interview.