The investment and gift of a life time!

Your investment in and contribution to the Academy of Mastery will support The Entrepreneurial Course for High School Students and Financial Literacy classes for adults. Theses courses effect a change in the fundamental ways the participants operate in society.

Your investment produces extraordinary results

When individuals take responsibility for their financial success, extraordinary things happen. Communities prosper, graduation rates go up and crime rates go down.

For example, in one of our programs, in just nine weeks, teams of high school juniors and seniors launch real businesses. Randomly assigned to teams, they agree upon a business to start. They then have to muster all the creativity they didnít know they had. Add to those relationship skills, tools we give them in the program, resources and contacts, marketing, leadership to do what it takes to open a company. Experienced educators, state officials and families are impressed when they see students open their business at the Business Fair and watch these transformed youth selling their products to hundreds of people.

"I was able to become a stronger person because I know how to face the real world. Since the real world does not care how you feel and how your life is going, it just cares that youíre getting the job done, as I was taught by attending the seminar. I do not feel intimidated by anyone who puts me on the spot. I feel ready for anything that is thrown at me." L.B., Bulkeley High School

Adults participating in our programs are empowered to take charge of their personal finances, businesses and careers:

"I saw that in the past year and a half I have decreased my debt and improved my net worth by over 50%! My debt has seemed insurmountable for the past 9 years, so this is an amazing result for me."

"I learned the basics of budgeting and determining my net worth. Once I saw my financial scorecard, it was easy to see my problem was cash flow. I was able to make adjustments that eliminated credit card debt and improved my cash flow to the point where not only was I not dipping into savings every month, but I was able to begin participating in the companyís 401K program."

The most important aspects of Academy of Mastery programs are that they are experiential, have participants, both in the entrepreneurial course for youth as well as in the adult classes, go through the confronts theyíd experience out in the real world so they have a whole new understanding of who they are and what they themselves can accomplish when they donít think they can.

The Academy of Mastery Programs have a proven track record

More than 400 students have graduated The Entrepreneurial Course for High School Students and created their money making businesses within its 9 weekly sessions.

The Adult Financial Independence programs have been transforming the lives of adults for over 20 years.

The organization has developed many partners in the business and educational communities, the municipal and state governments, and Donors and Foundations. Continuing relationships with diversified support provides the consistency and staying power of the organization.

The Board of Directors and officers have decades of combined professional experience in the corporate and education worlds as well as fundraising, volunteering, and producing courses in the non-profit world.

The Academy of Mastery Programs have long term benefits.

We focus on empowering people to have access to life-long economic self-sufficiency, financial freedom and independence. Our programs build character and financial independence. The life-long skills that participants in our programs learn impact all aspects of their lives from their individual fiscal responsibility to their relationship with their families and their communities. And because they learn by experience, once they learn it, the learning becomes part of who they are. It is an unshakeable way of learning and impacts all areas of life.

"Attending and participating in these seminars has helped me in many aspects of my life. Not only do I utilize what I learn in the seminars for our company but also toward my schoolwork and housework. I use the concept of being a ten all the time. I find it so effective to tackle problems with a vision of a positive result." E.C., Bulkeley High School.

"Öit gave me freedom to risk taking actions I would never have dared to take in the past, and this, in turn, had me produce extraordinary results (the first of which was to raise $30,000 in seed money for my new business without having yet generated a business plan!)." Adult programs participant

"...The one last thing that I will tell you that has made the biggest difference in my participation is learning how to operate in faith, trust and risk. If you donít have faith you will not get a lot done because you will not believe in yourself. And if you donítí trust you will not trust yourself or anyone else to get the job done. Finally if you donít take risks you will not overcome your fear of failure, because you have to know that youíre going to fail in life at some point." S.T., Prince Tech

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