Courses & Programs

At the Academy of Mastery, we focus on empowering people to have access to life-long economic self-sufficiency, financial freedom and independence. Our programs build character and financial independence.

In each program we offer, we support participants in developing a vision for their lives that is independent of their current socio-economic status or previous achievements; they are fully responsible and accountable for the results.

We engage participants in an inquiry into personal behaviors and attitudes linked to successful finances. Work assignments have participants alter their behavior by practicing the thinking and operating practices of successful people.

Non-Profit Alliance for Home Ownership (NPAHO)

The Non-Profit Alliance for Homeownership program partners with professional companies - realtors, financial education companies, mortgage companies, and credit repair companies - to guide people who want to own homes, but who have insufficient income, credit scores, or savings to qualify for a mortgage.

AOM coordinates services needed to prepare people to own homes they will be able to afford and keep. We focus on credit improvement, down-payment assistance, sound personal financial practices, and preparation for the responsibilities of homeownership.

AOM is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between these future homeowners and financial service providers by offering informational, attitudinal, motivational and behavioral education and economic self-sufficiency support to each individual it takes into its programs.

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The Entrepreneurial Course for High School Students

In the Academy of Mastery students learn by doing. Our programs are not a typical "how to start a business" course. Rather, they focus on key practices you must master to be a successful entrepreneur or employee - Integrity, Enrollment, Team, Freedom and Power, Leadership, Identity versus Intention, Faith/Trust/Risk, Being a 10 and Playing by the Rules. Using these practices in The Entrepreneurial Course for High School Students, randomly assigned teams of students conceive of and launch a money-generating enterprise in only nine weeks.

Financial independence and character education are more critical than ever today for youth, entrepreneurs and those employed by others. We focus on experiential learning, participants learn by doing. For instance, when teaching entrepreneurship, we use the real experience of operating a business to provide participants with tools and behaviors that will have them be successful entrepreneurs, employees and citizens in the global 21st century economy.

Our programs complement high school, college, and other programs with practical experiences and character building not addressed in the academic curriculum.

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Kickstart Your Financial Success

Whether you are satisfied with your current financial situation or you are looking at a radical shift, the Kickstart Your Financial Success focuses on empowering you to have access to life-long economic self-sufficiency, financial freedom and independence.

Get the guidance and support you need to get on solid financial ground and to stay on track toward your financial, career and lifestyle goals.

The program is loaded with tools and practices designed with your financial freedom in mind. Weekly discussions guided by a Leader cover a new topic every time. One week the topic might be taking action when you don’t know what to do, and the next week might center on opportunity, risk and attitudes for success. 

You’ll gain insights from the group and contribute your own—or just listen. 

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  • Entrepreneurial Course for High School Students Documentary
    "The Power Within" - Part 1 (9 minutes)
  • The Power Within - Part 2 (7 minutes)