The Entrepreneurial Course is simple.

The Entrepreneurial Course for High School Students is a nine-week program open to juniors and seniors. Teams of students conceive of and launch real money-generating businesses, culminating in a Business Launch at which the businesses are showcased.

Its results are profound.

Confident Problem-Solvers

Given thought-provoking questions rather than information or instructions, students solve real business problems such as how to raise seed money, how to agree on a business, and how to distribute risk and profits. Student thinking changes from “what am I supposed to do?”’ to “what can I do to solve this problem when I don’t know what to do?”

Students experiment, adapt, and adjust, and are fully responsible and accountable for the results. Students enter the workforce with this context, which is the foundation for innovation, technological advances, and societal transformation.

Collaborative Skills

Randomly assigned to teams to conceive of and launch a business, students quickly recognize that their personal success is intimately tied with the success of others. The Course’s open enrollment policy has learning-disabled students, honor students, student leaders and students-at-risk working together. They learn to interact effectively with one another in a way that respects and values differences.

Students discover that when they work as a team, what seems impossible is achievable.

Maturity and Responsibility

Our 100% on-time attendance policy trains students to manage the circumstances in their lives to prevent last minute “emergencies.” They learn to build trust required for personal and professional success. Students are treated as if they are already successful beyond what they think they are capable of, and are expected to conduct themselves as successful businesspeople. They become responsible for their behavior and attitude, regardless of moods or circumstances.

Students empower themselves to impact the world around them to fulfill on the things to which they are committed.

Vision, Leadership and Self-Motivational Strength

Students realize that they are responsible for and capable of creating an exciting future for themselves. Regardless of the social inequalities that appear to limit them, regardless of their academic ability or achievement, students know they can experience their full potential, independent of the circumstances of their lives.

This is the American Dream, and it is theirs.




  • Documentary "The Power Within" - Part 1 (9 minutes)
  • The Power Within - Part 2 (7 minutes)
  • Be the Best That You Can Be in Life