If you are committed to owning your own home...

... we are committed to helping you get there. The Non-Profit Alliance for Home Ownership partners have assembled a team of professionals who are all committed to your success.

You Can Own a Home...

If you have ever had a dream of owning your own home, or if you have even given up on that dream, NPAHO can help make it real for you and your family. Even if you've already been told "No, you don't qualify!" Non-Profit Alliance for Home Ownership can help you make it happen. Bad credit? No downpayment? Don't know where to start? We make it simple by guiding you through the process with small steps. Non-Profit Alliance will show you the way to eliminate the obstacles, one by one, one after another. And before you know it, you'll have reached your goal, step by step, problem after problem, solution after solution. And the reward for you is being in your own home - one you can be proud of owning, and one you can afford.

A Team That Pays It Forward

The Non-Profit Alliance for Home Ownership partners with financial institutions, real estate brokers and agents, mortgage companies, consulting firms and government and state agencies to help homebuyers through the decision-making process, define the actions buyers need to take to qualify for an affordable mortgage, and support them in taking those actions to achieve their homeownerhsip goals. Throughout the process we work with buyers to develop the financial habits that will enable them to obtain and keep a home.

Our team of professionals work with buyers over time - about a year, on average - and volunteer time and expertise throughout the process. They invest in our clients, and they know that when the client is successful, we all are successful.

A Unique Proposition

"Win-Win" is easy to say, but what it takes to make it real is for everyone involved to have a stake in and be at risk for achieving the intended outcome: getting the client into an affordable home. Win-Win is most attainable when self-interest is served only by serving the interests of others. The Non-Profit Alliance for Home Ownership's unique partnership structure creates a Win-Win for clients, for Alliance partners and for Academy of Mastery. No one profits or is compensated unless the client is successful. We do well by doing good. And when the client wins, we all win.