A Powerful System to Master Practices for Wealth and Prosperity

Kickstart Your Financial Success is a program of The $-Road to Riches-$© curriculum developed by Financial Program Strategies, Inc., and offered only through Academy of Mastery.

At the heart of Kickstart Your Financial Success and all $-Road to Riches-$© programs are these core principles:

  • You do not have to, nor can you, change who you are. You must and can change how you operate in order to generate ongoing wealth and prosperity – this is leadership.
  • You must have access to freedom and power to generate ongoing wealth.
  • Integrity is the source of power.
  • Everyone has emotional reactions to circumstances, particularly failure. Those who have mastery around wealth and prosperity do not let circumstances interfere with how they operate - this is freedom.
  • To change how you operate, you must be willing to take action to confront the beliefs and ways of operating that are comfortable and familiar to you, and which limit you. This puts you at risk – this is power.
  • You need a big reason to put yourself at risk, and you will need faith and trust when circumstances seem overwhelming and insurmountable – this is vision.


Anyone can master these practices, if they are willing. And no one can do it alone.

Weekly discussions guided by a Leader cover a new topic every time. One week the topic might be taking action when you don’t know what to do, and the next week might center on opportunity, risk and attitudes for success. You’ll gain insights from the group and contribute your own—or just listen.

A brief “get started” session after your first meeting tells you how to participate powerfully and get the most value and “kick” from your participation. At the start of each meeting you’ll check in, and privately assess your “Financial Scorecard,” so you can see your progress in achieving your goals.

Each week you will get useful materials developed by the experts at Financial Program Strategies focusing on practices and attitudes developed to bring you financial freedom and success. Pay as you go, or save with a purchase of four meetings.

Whether you are satisfied with your current financial situation or you are looking at a radical shift, the Academy of Mastery focuses on empowering you to have access to life-long economic self-sufficiency, financial freedom and independence.

Your First Step:

Kick Start Your Financial Success
Get Ready Workshop
Now available online for a nominal fee of $59.95!

This workshop is done on line at the comfort or your office or home. All you need is to reserve an 90 min of your time for each session and a broadband connection.

This program will alter what you think, how you act and speak about money, success, freedom and power in your life. The Kick Start Your Financial Success Get Ready Workshop puts you in the driver's seat like never before.

In this power-packed 90-minute workshop, you see how you operate, and where you have new openings for action. You begin to identify the results you want to produce, the actions you can take, and what you need to do so nothing would get in the way of you fulfilling on your goals. This engaging, multimedia workshop can be done in the comfort of your home or office. It could not be more convenient!

What you need: High-speed internet connection (like DSL or cable modem) and a PC computer.

This program has made an amazing difference for thousands of people over the years. But you have a RISK free advantage. If you are not satisfied with the workshop, you will get your money back, no questions asked.

Kick Start Your Financial Success
Get Ready Workshop
For information on how to register, call 800-429-5104.

Who Should Take the Course?

"If you're not happy with the financial area of your life and want to do something about it and move through it, this course will definitely help you do it."

"If you want a lifestyle supported by healthy finances, and hopes and dreams about how you want your life to turn out, this program gives you a structure to accomplish that…"

"If you are willing to make the commitment, you will get the reward. It's about the quality of commitment one is willing to put behind it."